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Awesome Professional Online Stores Creation by Webcolinas

Online Stores Creation Service

Creation of Professional Online Stores

Creation of Professional Online Stores

expand your business online

Want to Sell Your Products Everywhere?

In the current macro-economic scenario, selling products on the internet has become more and more a necessity. For this, you will need a virtual space that passes the necessary credibility to the potential consumer.

WEBCOLINAS is positioned in this market offering two types of solutions:

  • The standardized online stores, ready to sell products from the most varied segments. Ideal for companies that seek ready-made solutions and low investment, the platform is modern, friendly, allows for a certain level of visual customization and has several resources.
  • Custom-made online stores or online stores based on templates. For companies that want to invest more in online business, webcolinas offers all kinds of online store solutions. These are stores that can be customized from design to FrontOffice tools, with unique features for selling products and services, aiming to offer a unique experience to the consumer.

Our online stores targeting B2B and B2C bring together the latest assembly technologies and provide secure automatic payment methods. Who uses an e-commerce solution from Webcolinas is because he wants to be a sales leader in his area.

Our online stores allow you to have a versatile and easy to work with Content Manager. Here you can manage your customers’ orders, your stock and issue invoices automatically.

The online stores developed by us already have the code optimized for Google.

Get through Google Analytics the statistics of Visits to your online store on what day and time was seen. In what country or city or what products were most purchased are all tools that in the art of selling become partners of your online store.

The Best Solution for Creating Online Stores

According to the statistics site BuiltWith, 26% of all e-commerce sites are designed in WooCommerce and managed by WordPress – totaling more than 6.6 million online stores. And this number is constantly changing. The CMS itself has more than 60 million active sites – about 33% of the entire Internet.

Developers and online store owners do not choose to work with WordPress just because it is a free platform. There are very convincing reasons why WordPress is at the top of the statistics and along with it, WooCommerce.

Leave your project in the hands of experts

Leave your project in the hands of experts

Online Stores - Woocomerce

With your Online Store you can Sell Anything, Anywhere

With the Online Stores Building service, you can sell physical and digital goods in all shapes and sizes, offer a variety of products, multiple configurations and instant downloads to buyers, and even sell affiliate products on online marketplaces. Properly set up, it can offer recurring bookings, memberships, and subscriptions. Even sell monthly subscriptions or offer your members a discount on digital downloads? Anything is possible.

Creating Online Stores with Complete Payment Options

Through the Online Stores Creation service you will have the ability to accept all major credit cards, PayPal, BACS (bank transfers) and cash on delivery. Need additional options? There are over 140 specific gateways that integrate with E-Commerce, including popular options like Stripe, Authorize.Net and Amazon.

Online Stores - Payment Ways
Online Stores - Woocommerce

Total Control over the Creation of your Online Store

Manage your online stores easily and whenever you want.


Taxes, stock management and even customer accounts. Control Products, Orders and Payments.


Everything under your control.


With E-Commerce, there will never be reasons to worry. All data remains private and Security is maintained through regular audits by industry leaders.

Recovering abandoned shopping carts

Your customers will want to buy from your online store because of the simplicity and unique shopping experience you offer them.


Customize the shopping cart with adapted texts and take advantage of cross-selling functions.


Also get more sales from abandoned carts by sending an email reminder to your customers that they have an incomplete order.

Online Stores Cart Recovery

Interact and Reward Your Customers


Personalize the shopping experience with discounts for your most loyal customers.


Sell products more easily by offering coupons to your users.


Satisfy social shopping needs by combining your store with a Facebook page.


Quickly integrate your store's products with Google Shopping campaigns already available in Portugal.